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We offer comprehensive full-service medical physics and testing for all diagnostic imaging and therapeutic modalities.
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About Petrone Associates

Petrone Associates, Experts in Applied Medical Physics, provides the highest quality medical physics and related consultative services to the healthcare industry. Founded in 1982, our multi-faceted group of qualified experts provide full-scope professional solutions to clients based on their needs.

Our Services

In addition to all of the standard Medical Physics, Quality Control, Radiation Safety and Compliance services listed on the site, we are known for our broad range of experience and willingness to extend, upon request, into many related areas. We have worked with healthcare and industry leaders at all levels on total compliance platforms, full educational curricula, software, IT and data projects, new facility design and construction, etc. Within our realm of expertise, which reaches beyond physics, we will engage in the full spectrum of projects.


Regulatory Compliance

Navigating the complex landscape of regulations and standards is a challenge. We provide the expertise to ensure your operations run smoothly while staying compliant.

Equipment Testing

Ensure the accuracy and reliability of your medical equipment with our thorough testing and calibration services, guaranteeing precise diagnostics and effective treatments for every patient.

RSO Services

Our experienced team assists in developing and implementing comprehensive radiation safety programs, ensuring the protection of patients, staff, and the environment while adhering to stringent regulatory standards.

Shielding Design and Compliance

Our specialized team designs and implements advanced radiation shielding solutions, ensuring your facility meets the highest safety standards and regulatory compliance, minimizing risks to patients and staff.

MRI Safety Services

With our comprehensive MRI safety expertise, we create protocols and trainings that safeguard patients and staff, promoting a secure environment for high-quality imaging procedures.

Dose Optimization Programs

Enhance patient safety and reduce radiation exposure without compromising results. Our dose optimization programs combine advanced techniques and technology to achieve the best outcomes.

ACR Accreditation

Navigate the path to American College of Radiology (ACR) accreditation effortlessly with our expert guidance, streamlining the process and enhancing your facility’s reputation for quality.

Joint Commission Compliance

Our in-depth knowledge of Joint Commission standards ensures your facility is prepared for evaluations, mitigating risks and ensuring your services adhere to the highest healthcare quality benchmarks.

Educational Platform

Elevate your team’s expertise through our tailored educational programs, equipping your staff with the latest industry knowledge and skills to provide exceptional patient care and maintain compliance.

Access Your Reports

Exclusively for clients of Petrone Associates, and provided at no charge, access to a secure custom client portal will be provided
Petrone Associates

"I can’t thank you enough for all your help. We never get lost with your company as our guide. Your support is invaluable! I would like to get ahead of the next anticipated inspection, but I know you are already on it. Sam and Chris went above and beyond to help get us ready. They are amazing! Thank you for your continued support."

–Kathy Giovinazzo, MBA
AVP, Clinical Services

Meet Our Team

Petrone Associates, experts in the application of radiation in medicine. In practice for more than thirty years we service numerous clients nationwide.

Our medical physics staff is well-educated, board certified, licensed and approved to provide expert consultative services. ABR ACR, IAC, MQSA and more.

In The News

The evolution of the medical physicist

Medical applications of ionizing radiation have proliferated since their discovery in 1895, and adoption has significantly accelerated since 1980; tolerance of their harms to patients and staff has not.

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